Protect your pool pump and equipment from the elements.

The Box Thing Pool Pump Cover encloses pump and fittings ensuring protection from sun, wind and rain. The Box Thing Pool Pump cover significantly reduces noise omitted by the pump. Sleep easy knowing your pool will be ready for those hot summer days.

Australian Made -all Aluminium product

Rust Proof

Easy access for maintenance

Great looking

Accessibility -Doors positioned in any elevation

Additional Storage -Store pool equipment or pool toys

Energy Saving -Pump may run in off peak periods

Equipment Life –Protects equipment from the elements

Noise reduction -Pumps may run day or night

*Additional costs for non standard powder coat colours

Standard Sizes

The Box Thing Pool Pump Housing is constructed of a modular aluminium system. The product can be produced in a range of sizes based on increments of 150mm.


The perimiter frame of the unit is 55mm wide and will need to be considered when allowing for internal and external measurements. The wall panels are 25mm thick and set flush with the outside of the unit. When measuring up your space you will need to check the following,

  • Height of the tallest item
  • Front to back measurement of all equipment to be housed. (this is minimam internal measurement)
  • Left to Right Measurement. (this is Minimum internal measurement)

The Pool Pump Request a Quotation form will assist with outlining standard sizes.

Noise Reduction

Do you need to reduce the noise omitted by your pump?

By using a double wall panel we are able to drasticly reduce the noise omitted by the pump motor. If you require this option please specify,

  • Insulated – for noise reduction
  • Non Insulated – for a standard unit

A standard unit will see on average a 2 – 3 Db reduction above background noise.

An insulated unit will see on average a 4-6 Db reduction above background noise.

It should be noted that 3 Db is considered a half in terms of reduction. It should also be taken into account that each piece of equipment and location is different and therefor noise reduction will vary from site to site.

Door Options

Maintenance is a constant part of owning a pool and therefor access to the pump and filter is critical. To ensure easy access The Box Thing Pool Pump Housings have the following door options.

  • Top door is always a lift up door. This provides maximum access and often the ability to enter the unit and cary out work as required.
  • Sliding Front Door. These doors slide past each other to give access to one half of the unit at any one time.
  • Hinged Doors. These doors are fitted to the front of the unit and allow maximum access. It should be noted that room is needed in front of the unit to operate the doors.


Custom Made Housings

If you have specialised equipment that needs protection from the elements, operating noise reduced, or just kept out of sight, ask us what we can do for you.

Measure & Quote

We provide an obligation and cost free quotation. We ask that you complete the online inquiry form to the best of you knowledge to get the ball rolling. From there one of our friendly staff will be in touch to discuss your needs further.


Supply & Install

The Box Thing Pool Pump Housings can be supplied and installed by our friendly staff. We recommend supply and install for any non standard unit.


Kit Form Supply (DIY)

The Box Thing Pool Pump Housing can be supplied in a standard size kit that can be installed as a DIY option. Delivery charges may apply.